NFL Jerseys China Meena said she got up

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NFL Jerseys China Meena said she got up

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By Romila BoodramWhen a car stops in front of her home, she trembles. Tears flow down her cheeks when someone raps on the door. She runs and locks herself in a room when she hears footsteps in the yard.This is the situation 22-year-old Meena Youdhister is faced with daily after surviving a near-death experience on December 14,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, last.The Blairmont,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys, Berbice resident was stabbed 15 times and had her throat almost slit by her husband of six years and the father of her two children,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, Baldeo Deonarine. He is now on the run and has threatened to return to finish what he started.Deonarine has reportedly not only threatened to kill Youdhister but their two children as well and anyone who is helping her, including her mother and uncle.The mother of two says she is scared for her life and is pleading with the Guyana Police Force to do everything in their power to find her estranged spouse.A police source has confirmed that the matter was reported there but he could not say the status of the investigation.The 22-year-old woman said that everything started when she and her husband separated after experiencing marital problems.That was because her husband would slap, punch and even kick her. According to Youdhister , she would move to her mother’s home but after a few days, she would move back home, for the sake of her children.“I use to bear up with everything because I have two children and I don’t want them to suffer. I have a daughter and I read stories of young girls getting raped by their step father and I don’t want my children to grow up without their father,” Youdhister said.Some of the injuriesMeena YoudhisterTwo weeks prior to the stabbing,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the woman said that she and her husband had an argument when one of his relatives tried to hurt her. Not getting her husband’s support, she moved to her parents’ home.“On December 14, I was going to church with one of my friends and he saw me and asked if he could come to church with us and I agreed. While walking to church, I asked him where his white pants and shirt were because he was wearing colour clothing but he didn’t answer,” she recalled.“We continued walking when he turned and raised his shirt and pulled out a knife and turned to me and started stabbing me. When my friend started to scream and run, he turned his attention to her but when he realized she was too far, he turned back and continued stabbing me,” Youdhister related.She received one stab wound to the face, one to the back and 13 on her left hand when she tried to block the knife thrusts.The mother of two later collapsed in some bushes when her husband allegedly tried to slit her throat.“The place had a set of black sage bushes and they were high so he didn’t get to slit my throat because the bushes were all over. He thought I was going to die and he said that he was going to kill the children. I see him take off.”Not knowing that her husband was hiding in some bushes nearby, waiting until she died,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic, Meena said she got up, and started shouting for help.When she realized that he was standing there still, the woman said that she started to run to seek help.“Neighbours come out and help me and he hide. When the taxi came to take me to the hospital, he was still hiding. He run and tried to stop the car but he wasn’t fast enough.”When she reached to the hospital, she told the police that her attacker had threatened to kill her children and they were able to keep the children safe.For the six years she had been married, she said that she suffered a lot of physical and mental abuse at the hands of her husband.“He hit me but I never expected this. If I had known this would have happened,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, I would have left a long time ago.”She advised, “The first time you see these signs don’t wait, they are not going to change. He slaps you once, run for yourself because he will do it again.”
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