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Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping he remarked

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By Kiana WilburgOne of Guyana’s inspirational leaders,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, Dr. Astell Collins, has once again represented his nation with distinction. He was recently recognized with a Global Leadership Award at Capitol Hill in Washington DC, USA for his work in leadership development, globally.At the award ceremony, Dr. Collins was emotional as he reflected on his grandmothers who are both deceased,Cheap Jerseys China, Doreen Jeffers and Marjorie Collins,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, both of whom he wished were alive to witness the moment. Consequently, he dedicated the award in memory of them.Dr. Collins acknowledged the many individuals who made his journey to that point possible, notably his wife, Marcia Collins and mother Barbara Waldron, whom he thanked repeatedly for their unwavering support and commitment.Collins is admired by many locally and internationally. In Guyana, from the law enforcement officers to inmates; educators and students; to government and private sector admire him.Collins emphasized recently that he has no intention of slowing down. He said, “We are all Guyanese and can play a fundamental part in its development. Importantly, I believe that we have a moral responsibility to make both individual and collective contributions thereby leaving our country in a better place. It is the best legacy we can pass on to the next generation.”The inspirational speaker emphasized too that he is committed to emancipating others from the mindset which allows them to believe that it is acceptable and normal to exist in the limitations of labels. “I want them to understand that they can live beyond stereotypes and beyond the restrictions. I want them to know that they can live fully while they’re alive by discovering their true value and potential,” Dr. Collins added.He said, too, that he believes that once one is alive, it is a testimony that there is a destiny that must be realized by all means necessary.With hundreds of his revolutionary Better Defined one (BD1) Leadership Seminars and inspirations engagements, Dr. Collins says that even more innovative programmes are in the making. As a consequence of the impact and success of his transformational seminars,Wholesale Jerseys, this leader facilitates daily discussion groups.He is sometimes required to conduct three or four seminars on any given day. Participants from his seminars often remark about his message of national unity and cultivating the spirit of humanity which he said is derived from a concept he studied while living in South Africa called UBUNTU.Collins said, “The passing of my mentor Dr. Myles Munroe has evoked a sense of urgency in me for it reminded me that our days are numbered and hence, I demand excellence from myself and an incomparable level of commitment to serving humanity”.He continued, “I strongly believe that effective leadership is what is necessary in transforming Guyana to the paradise that it has the potential of becoming.”Furthermore, Dr. Collins said that as a developing nation, Guyana does not need more politicians but rather “more leadership from politicians.” He remarked that most politicians today only think of the next election but true leaders, he remarked, think about the next generation.He said that this sort of mindset is what needs to be adopted by more of Guyana’s political leaders as they too play an integral role in the development process of the nation.On the issue of ethnic divisions which exist in Guyana, Dr. Collins said he has included a segment in his seminars which confronts the scourge that is impeding the development of Guyana.As a Goodwill Ambassador with the United Nations for the Golden Rule,Wholesale Jerseys Outlet, Dr. Collins is cultivating and advancing a culture of peace as part of an interfaith peace-building initiative under the guidance of Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers.In fact, the motivational speaker has already made a request to Ambassador Rivers to consider visiting Guyana to deploy his expertise in nation building as well as the cultivation of peace and racial harmony.What’s more,cheap jerseys from china, is that out of the 30 plus nations that were represented at the ceremony, the Ambassador requested Collin’s lapel pin of the flag of Guyana to be pinned on him indicating his commitment to helping Guyana’s efforts in social cohesion at all levels. This was a great honour, said Collins as “it demonstrated the trajectory that the nation is on.”Picture saved in Sunday as CollinsCaption: Inspirational speaker and leader, Dr. Astell Collins poses with his award alongside Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers (right).
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