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A new and first of its kind (locally) Water Purification System (treatment plant) was commissioned at a simple ceremony held on Wednesday last at Highbury on the East Bank of Berbice, some ten and a half miles (17 km) from New Amsterdam, by an overseas-based Christian organization known as Safe Water in Guyana (SWIG).The system is expected to service the more that 6,Cheap Jerseys Online,000 residents that live and traverse the East Bank Berbice road. The area is remote and is without the basic necessities such as electricity and water from Sisters (11 km from N A) going all the way up to Mara,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, some 42 km (26 miles) up the Berbice River.Local and overseas officials pose for a photoThe plant which, as mentioned, is the first of its kind built in Guyana, is said to be good for remote areas and is popular in Africa and several other parts of the world.Seon Grant, a Guyanese from Berbice now living in Indianapolis in the USA, was one of the main players in the conceptualization and implementation of the project.According to Grant, the idea came about after they visited and saw the need for such a facility in the area.Members of the team and one of the original architects of the idea, Michael Sutton, who is an Environmentalist and a Specialist in water treatment,Wholesale China Jerseys, stated that they were motivated by God to come together back in the United States of America.  He said that he, Grant and others got hooked up with an organization in Southern Indiana called New Life International which deals with water treatment and other projects, and they bought a water purifier and decided to come to Guyana and undertake the project through the insistence of Grant.The system is solar-powered. There is a panel on top of the structure to trap the sun and store electricity. A switch is also situated at the top, and by hitting the switch, water is pumped from the nearby trench through a number of filters into a tank at the top of the structure. Table salt is added to the water which produces chlorine, which kills the bacteria and purifies the water. This purification process can treat up to 55 gallons of water per minute depending upon the quality of the water and the size of the unit.The water is then passed down into another tank and into a pipe where it is ready for use, via a stand pipe on the road.  The entireEngineers making final adjustments to the facilityprocess takes some three hours. However the water still has a slight discoloration,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, but Sutton stated that despite the colour the water is perfectly safe to drink. He said that 100% of the bacteria in the water are killed. They are also working on having bigger tanks.The system will be managed by a local team of four, including Pastors Wilbert Daniels of the Full Gospel Church,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic, Pastor Rayvon David and Pastor Chetram Ramkissoon and resident Roy Nicholas who will actually manage the project.Residents in the area came out in their numbers to observe what was going on and expressed their gratitude to the organization for bringing such relief to them. They were high in praise for the pastor and his team for leaving their comfortable homes in the USA and coming to “this remote part in Guyana” to assist them with a basic necessity and help them change their lives. They described the project as a Godsend and planned to do their best to cherish it. The area never had purified water.Pastor Grant stated that the project “Safe Water in Guyana” is a love of Christ project and water is life and giving safe water is the ultimate goal of the organization. He stated that in terms of doing other projects in Guyana “it will have to be an inspiration from God”.Ownership of the project, he stated, will be handed over to members of the community who are expected to manage the project.A 10-man team which included a number of engineers, electricians,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, technicians,Wholesale China Jerseys, an environmentalist and other workers including church members, made the trip to Guyana. The architects did not want to disclose the cost of the project, but only stated it was a gift to the people of from their heart.  Bottles of water were collected and distributed to all those present.The project was blessed by the pastors mentioned and a few others who were present.There was no Government involvement. (Samuel Whyte)
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